Fabulous Mocktails for when you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding


Going to a bar can still be fun when you’re pregnant: Socialising when you’re pregnant comes in three stages and each can be defined by its own limitations. There is the secret trimester when you are still keeping your good news hush hush, whilst most probably dealing with the nauseous feeling of morning sickness. The second stage is when most women start to feel better and their energy level rises to give them the enthusiasm to pop on their party frocks, and catch up with their friends and break their baby news. Then there is the third trimester, when constant tiredness overwhelms the woman’s body as the countdown to the baby’s arrival begins. And the one thing all of these stages (AND of course Breastfeeding, once the baby has actually arrived!) have in common is the very restricted level of alcohol, which pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to consume.

Crave asked Head Mixologist, Alessandro Pizzoli (pictured here, mixing his punch!), at The Kensington Hotel to help us out with their advice for how to still have fun with a “mocktail”…

Whilst some mothers-to-be may try the alcohol-free wine available on the market, others may opt for either a soft drink or sparkling water when visiting a bar. But drinking with your non-pregnant friends doesn’t have to be so predictable or restricting just because you can’t order alcohol. And you can certainly enjoy a drink that is not only adventurous and delicious but one that can also help you along with your pregnancy. For example, ginger is well-known for alleviating the symptoms of morning sickness, which makes ginger ale worth considering when ordering a non-alcoholic cocktail: the Shirley Temple being the popular choice on cocktail menus.

And when the morning sickness has subsided, there are a myriad of virgin cocktails to consider. There is the Virgin Mojito and the Virgin Bloody Mary, both of which taste as good as the real thing. And if you are at the right bar at the right time, you can also have a conversation with the bar staff to make up your very own mocktail.

But be careful when you are in your third trimester. Whilst you are encouraged to rest as much as possible at this stage, requesting a pick-me-up mocktail may not always be a wise option. Despite an ingredient such as guarana being natural and non-alcoholic, it also contains more caffeine than coffee beans and so mothers-to-be should exercise an element of caution with this ingredient.

Alessandro sees the current trend in mocktails as being easy and refreshing to drink whilst the ingredients themselves involve a level of complexity that ultimately makes up the perfect combination: passion fruit with ginger and passion fruit with chilli, for example.

Ipanema Mocktail Recipe:

• 20 ml Lime Juice
• 70 ml Passion Fruit Juice
• 30 ml Ginger Ale
• 1/2 Fresh Passion Fruit

In the past, mocktails were heavier and were more based on juices such as orange, cranberry and pineapple. But whatever your personal preference, it is also worth considering not only the fun element mocktails can bring to your social life, as a pregnant woman, but also the goodness you would be feeding your baby with all the fruity goodness involved in these drinks.

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Recipe provided by Head Mixologist, Alessandro Pizzoli, at The Kensington Hotel.