Lingerie & Hosiery

Every stylist will say your underwear is the most important part of your outfit and whilst you’re pregnant this statement is even more applicable. Invest in some great basics at the beginning of your term like a sturdy maternity bra which comes with extra padding to keep you comfortable and matching pants that are not too thick. A soft modal is the best fabric as it has a super soft hand feel and is fully breathable. Try underwear with invisible seams to avoid extra bulk especially if you’re wearing jersey that shows off your figure.

If you want extra support for your bump or an extra layer on a chilly day try a nursing cami which will provide a snug fit, this item is fully versatile as you can wear it to bed, in the hospital or when you’re starting to breast feed. For even more support try Amoralia’s shape wear camisole that gives you a perfect silhouette under any outfit. If you’re looking for a supportive non-underwire bra that still creates shape then try a sleep bra which is perfect in bed or when you’re feeling a little sore. For something a little special try adding some lace and satin. For daytime try the cupcake bra which is an expertly designed nursing bra with a delicate looking covering of lace. And for night why not wear something a little sexier with satin and lace cups and tantalizing French knickers to break routine. An essential part of your underwear draw is a good pair of tights and thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge; nude glossy tights are back in style during the warmer months. Fortunately Crave sell some amazing maternity tights that fit like a dream and are even more comfortable than regular tights so they are much more pleasant to wear. All our maternity lingerie is expertly designed by Amoralia Maternity and includes bras, briefs, knickers and tights, in all sizes and styles