Loungewear clothes is a brilliant way to relax and chill out at home; whether you’re into gentle fitness at home or the gym or want a good night’s sleep, pick any of these garments and you’ll instantly feel comfortable without losing your identity.

It’s vital to get a good night’s sleep and comfort is an important factor. A super soft viscose has a great hand feel against your bare skin and won’t feel static or stick to you on a warm night. Amoralia’s long PJ pants are designed to fit to your ankle so that you don’t trip over an excess material making them extremely safe. The hard wearing fabric is easy to wash and shouldn’t bobble making them very practical for breastfeeding. The nursing tops are also ideal for those night time feeds; with a discreet easy nursing panel it’s quick and easy to feed your baby during the night. It’s important to keep up your fitness during your pregnancy; the celebs favourite is prenatal yoga which has been huge in America. Gentle exercise is fantastic for you and the baby. If you regularly exercised before your pregnancy then you should be able to carry on with a similar level of exercise but always consult your GP first. So whatever your needs may be, try a piece of our smart casual maternity wear to help relax after a long hard day and feel the benefit of specially design clothing during your later trimester.