If you’re going on holiday then a maternity swimsuit is a suitcase essential! Made of quick-drying fabric that’s UVA and UVB safe you don’t need to worry about your skin whilst in the sun. Each swimsuit is fully protected from heat and chlorine so they remain in shape and are hardwearing. With the technical side covered the only thing to think about is the style you want!

If you like plenty of support around your bump then try a full swimsuit with a double strap that remains flexible but strong for whatever your activity, your bump will remain covered and secure. If you want a basic swimsuit then look for one with a few interesting details such as ties around the neckline and decorative (and practical) ruching down the sides to add a little intrigue. If you’re in the sun then why stick to basic black, try a different shade that can be equally as flattering like petrol blue. If you have always been a bikini lover then why not try a tankini. Elastication in the bust seam ensures a great fit and enhances comfort whilst the extra material in the body which is cut longer to keep your bump covered, helps to protect your baby. The top won’t ride up or fill with water as the hem is elasticated. If you want to look smaller in your swimwear (and who doesn’t?!) opt for a gorgeous big pattern and experiment with colour which will make you appear smaller. If you want to add some curves then try a plain colour with ruching down the sides to emphasise your bump. If you wish to remain a bikini girl then make sure you get one with extra padding and plenty of support as it can become uncomfortable in a relatively short period of time. All our swimwear is expertly designed by Amoralia and come in sizes 8, 10, 12, 14. 16 & 18