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When you are pregnant, you are not just responsible for your healthy but also for that of the unborn baby. Therefore, you need to ensure that both of you are healthy. To achieve that, there are numerous things that you may need to do and others that you must shun, and this guide will highlight that.

Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

A number of women do not like taking these vitamins when they are pregnant. Even though popping tablets is not the best thing to do, prenatal vitamins are a necessity because they contain critical nutrients like folic acid, calcium and iron. These nutrients are responsible for the development of the different organs in the baby.

Eat a Balanced Diet

This cannot just be emphasized enough. During your prenatal visits to a doctor, he or she will advise you on the foods that you need to consume. Pay attention to those recommendations so that you and the baby get all the required nutrients. Above that, fill your plate with fruits and vegetables every day and fish whenever possible. You will also need to drink a lot of water and avoid sodas. Skim milk and fresh fruits juices are the best alternatives for soda.

Avoid Cigarettes and Alcohol

This may be common knowledge, but you would still see many expectant mothers drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Street drugs are also of limits if you care about the health of your unborn baby. Apart from these, do not take any over-the-counter medication unless your healthcare provider has given you a go ahead. These are not the only things to avoid, but anything else that may be dangerous to you or the baby is off limits.

Stay Active

As the pregnancy progresses, many women get so worn out that they spend almost the entire day in bed or on the couch. You need to stay active and exercise depending on your doctor's advice. Walking, swimming and prenatal exercises make labour shorter and also reduce the risk of caesarean surgery.

Talk to Your Baby

Bonding with your baby starts as early as after ten weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, talk to your baby as much as possible. Research shows that babies from this age can hear and even react to a sense of touch. As they continue to develop, they can react to light, your voice and all the sounds around you.

Avoid Being Stressed

You need to manage the stress in your life. How do you do that? Find a support system that can work for you like opening up to your partner. You can also try meditation and prenatal yoga classes. Getting stressed when you are pregnant is never good for your health and that of the baby and could even lead to a miscarriage

Educate Yourself

It is also critical that you learn all the important stuff when you are pregnant. Find time to attend childbirth classes because they can help you be more prepared for delivery. These classes also equip you with crucial infant care information while giving you a chance to get acquainted with the facility and the people who will be attending to you. You should also find time to check on your family history to avoid any complications during the pregnancy.

Change Your Chores

Some everyday tasks can have a negative effect on your pregnancy. Things such as scrubbing the bathroom or washing your pets can harm your pregnancy. This is because they expose you to toxic chemicals and the contact with bacteria is also not good for the baby. Apart from that, avoid heavy lifting, climbing on a ladder and standing for long periods.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Weight gain that comes during pregnancy throws your centre of gravity off, and the result is increased pressure on your feet. Over time, this pressure can lead to over-pronation or flattening out of the feet. If you do not own the right shoes, then you will never be able to walk well, and that is why you must look for comfortable shoes at this point in your life.

Have Your Doctor on Speed Dial

Being pregnant is confusing especially for first-time mothers. This is the reason for keeping your doctor on speed dial. When you experience pain of any kind, strong cramps, dizziness, heart palpitations, unending nausea or vomiting and decreased baby activity, you must let your doctor know.

Being pregnant is a special time in your life, but if you do not take the right steps, then both you and the unborn baby may suffer. Luckily, practicing these tips will guarantee you a healthy pregnancy.