The Third Trimester – The Countdown Begins!


The Third Trimester – The Countdown Begins!

Just when you thought your belly couldn’t get any bigger, it gets bigger! That little person in there has done the majority of their growing but will now be putting on a few kilos in preparation for the outside world. Whilst some women get away with a tiny bump, others may really be feeling the strain of carrying what can only be described as a country fete winning watermelon!

Getting Ready to Rumble

It is about this time that your baby may also start to shift south in preparation for birth. The perfect position is of course head-down, but some babies have other ideas. Don’t worry, at the start of the third trimester, your baby still has plenty of time to move into the right position. Your midwife will also keep a close eye on things in the coming weeks. If the baby is still in the breech position a couple of weeks before your due date she may try to manipulate the baby to turn. This doesn’t always work and can be quite uncomfortable, but it’s worth a try!

Make Some Quality Time For YOU

Now is also the time to take some rest. If you are experiencing water retention in your ankles or any other part of your body, you might want to keep your feet elevated for regular intervals during the day – the perfect excuse to relax! Make sure you relax in style by ensuring you have some soft and luxurious Crave loungewear to slip into. Made from comfy stretchy fabrics, you won’t feel restricted or uncomfortable when you sneak under the covers for an afternoon nap. We have a large range of maternity clothing that is designed just for relaxing in before your baby arrives.

Get Your Hospital Bag Ready

Now is the time to start thinking about your hospital bag and what you should be taking with you. It’s a good idea to have your bag packed and ready at the door or even in the boot of the car in case you need to leave in a hurry for the hospital.
We have some fabulous items that are both practical and stylish that you can pop into your hospital bag. Our nursing tops are an essential that will preserve your dignity whilst ensuring you feel comfortable and can give your baby what he or she needs quickly. Our second skin nursing bras are so comfortable that you won’t feel like you are wearing one. We also have a great range of maternity nightwear just perfect for wearing around your hospital ward or birthing centre.

Time To Stock Up On Maternity Clothing Essentials

At Crave we want to be your first port of call when you need elegant, delicate and functional maternity wear that looks and feels fabulous. Your journey to motherhood is almost at an end and you will soon be meeting your beautiful baby. We wish you happiness, joy and lots of lovely cuddles.